Life is busier than ever, which means your holiday leave is becoming more valuable than ever before. Unfortunately, there is no do-over for a vacay gone wrong.

Planning an overseas expedition can be one of the most exciting, yet totally overwhelming and daunting experiences of your life.


Learning the in’s and out’s of a foreign land can be tough enough, now try juggling your accommodation preferences, chasing affordable flights, planning amazing activities and getting your passport & travel insurance in order, all while on a tight budget. 

Travel agents were once an essential piece of the puzzle, but now thanks to the rise of tech and search sites, the number of D.I.Y travellers has grown exponentially. Most people don’t realise how much time, stress and money you can save by booking with an agent. So, in a nutshell, here’s why you should use a travel agent in 2019 (and beyond).



There seems to be a huge misconception that it always costs an arm and a leg to book through a travel agent. 

It has evolved into a career requiring tons of personal experience and knowledge about every corner of the globe. That means they are trained to know how to combine locations and experiences for the best value to maximise your budget - plus they get access to exclusive travel agent only discounts and offers from tour companies and airlines, which means you can often save big!

All the complicated codes and travel information that you will pull your hair out trying to navigate - they manoeuvre daily.

TOP TIP: The more complicated the trip, the more likely you'll need their help to find you better connections, tours, prices and inclusions.


V.I.P Access

Knowledge is power, baby. Flawless travel plans are all in the details, and travel agents are trained destination and product experts. They know what to do when it comes to handling the nitty-gritty details.

Insider access means that they have thousands of travel resources, special phone lines, travel, tour, and accommodation providers (some that you might not have even heard of) and know how to find what you need in a flash.

From visa and passport requirements to the name of that lovely transfer driver in Rome - they are the special sauce that makes your trip amazing.


Troubleshooting & Extra Security

At any given time, there are up to 9,728 planes in the sky. So you can only imagine that delays are just the beginning of the crap storm that can go wrong when you travel. Your flights can get cancelled, your itinerary might get changed last minute, or maybe mother nature decides to throw a storm into the mix.

When things go wrong, which let's face it - they will, your agent will be your knight in shining armour and they know exactly who to call to rectify the situation quick smart. Even if something goes wrong when you get to your destination and you’re hours ahead or behind, some premium companies even offer 24/7 Emergency Support Lines to help in the very rare chance you have an emergency whilst you are on your trip.  


Save Time & Stress Less

Which would you prefer? To spend hours at home sifting through Google, or to have a quick chat to a travel agent who can tailor a holiday for you? Expedia reported that American D.I.Y travellers will visit an average of 38 travel websites to compare prices before they book.

Say they spend a minimum of 20 minutes on each site… that’s 12 hours. I’d rather let a travel agent do that, so I can focus on the fun things like going shopping for new travel gadgets or outfits for my trip. With the world of travel info at their fingertips, travel agents are ready to save you hours of frustration and stress. 

Personalisation is Key

When you’re headed overseas on a big trip you want it to be special. You definitely don't want to travel like the average tourist. Booking with a travel agent means little things like special meal requests, the better seats, upgrades where possible and even just giving you tips on where the hidden gems are.

They know what you want and what you value in your travel experience. Not only that - your travel agent will ensure accuracy of your booking details, advise with visa applications, assist with documents and provide valuable travel hints and tips.

Agents will turn your vacay dreams into the trip of a lifetime, because they listen, suggest, adjust and understand, and these are all things your browser doesn’t. We have all the tools to ensure you'll feel like a local from the second you land.

Our trusty travel team are ready to sort you out with everything from flights to insurance and adventures. If you’re daydreaming of a break, click the button below and find out how a Global Travel Agent can get you started on the best travel experience of your life!

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