Ready to take your instagram feed to the next level? Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or just want to upskill on your hobby, have these tips in mind next time you pull out your camera!

We live in an age where if you didn’t take a pic, did it really happen? But are your photos not quite doing the scenery justice? To help you capture a memory, feeling or sight the way you remember it, we sought out help from our resident camera wizard, Chris, who has generously shared with us his top 5 tips on taking the best photo.

If you want to practice these 🔥 tips, our latest Photography course in Buenos Aires can take you deep diving into the art of using the camera. Learn from a professional photographer and document your time in beautiful Argentina with the new skills you’ve learnt. Truly a win, win situation.

1. Say it with us, “perspective!”.

Photography is all about perspective. Remember, you’re not shooting a POV, you’re taking what’s there and making it look better. So mix it up! Instead of taking everything from eye level, get down and shoot up, or get up high and shoot down. It’ll 100% spice up the end result.

2. Good lighting never fails.

Busy travelling and exploring nature? No doubt you've all heard of the ✨  golden hour ✨.  It's that special little window an hour before the sun sets which makes for some great lighting for portraits or scenic photos. So look up the sunset time and get your camera ready!

3. Don’t be scared to change the setting.

If you’re still new to all this, going to manual mode on your camera can be daunting. But to start off, try adjusting to a longer shutter speed to get a nice blurred photo (perfect for moving water or lights) or drop the aperture to its lowest f-stop for a nice background blur.

4. It's all about the composition.

Never ever forget about the Rule of Thirds or the Golden Ratio. What do you want your image to focus on? Try incorporating leading lines that can guide your viewers to the point of interest. Or try taking the same photo from different perspectives to find which composition is most pleasing to the eye.

5. Don’t overthink it.

There are endless combinations of the best camera settings and ideal compositions, but at the end of the day, photos are meant to capture your experience. That means you’ve got to have fun! The best photos are produced when the photographer is enjoying themselves. Remember, you are the artist.

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